Programming and Analysis Computing Environment (PACE)

A single biostatistics and programming solution for clinical study design, management, and regulatory review

Saama’s Programming and Analysis Computing Environment (PACE) is designed to remove the frustrations of clinical data programmers and biostatisticians.

This efficient, collaborative work environment makes it much easier for users to:

  • Access and ingest current and historical data
  • Write, review, edit, and run programs in any IDE (SAS, Jupyter, Visual Studio, Rstudio, NONMEM, etc.) while maintaining strict version control
  • Conduct self-service exploratory analytics (descriptive and machine learning-based predictive)
  • Generate valid submission datasets in STDM, ADaM, and TLG formats

PACE Helps Programmers & Biostatisticians Accelerate Their Work


Smooth Out Your Drug Development Process

PACE eliminates lead times when it comes to critical activities, such as EDC set up, study process implementation, and access to quality data and analytics. When integrated with Saama’s Clinical Data Hub, PACE delivers a powerful, end-to-end solution for the critical submission pathway.

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